Aira Euro Automation is a prominent industrial valve manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in Morocco. We offer a huge range of industrial valves such as Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Control Valves & Solenoid Valves in Morocco. We also make high-pressure valves for residential & commercial apartments in order to control the high flow of media pressure. Our valves are used in Air, Water, Oil, Gas & Steam applications. We supply our products to many industries in the Morocco region like petrochemicals, mining, aluminum smelting, food processing, cement, and many industries where fluid storing plays a key role. We supply our products to numerous cities like Oujda, Rabat, Meknes, and Marrakesh in Morocco. Check our full range by clicking on Valve Manufacturer.

Why Choose “Aira” Valves?

  • From 1990, we have been serving the industry and we have the boast experience for it. Our engineers always address your requirements and have the expertise for it.
  • We have a team of highly experienced engineers and they are constantly developing new designs and user-friendly equipment.
  • We gained an API certificate for quality parameters. As every product has to match the standard quality guidelines because our quality department manually tests each product to ensure safety & security before the delivery.
  • Not only in Morocco, but we are the global supplier of industrial valves.

Valve Supplier in Morocco

Ball Valve Supplier in Morocco

  • Aira Euro Automation is a core manufacturer, supplier & exporter of ball valves in Morocco.
  • With multiple features and specifications, we provide pneumatically actuated, handle-operated & gear-operated ball valves that are perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Ball valves we manufacture include 1-piece ball valves, 3-piece ball valves, high-pressure balls valves, extended shaft balls valves, and jacketed balls valves. Depending on demand, we provide a wide range of options such as 2way, 3way, 4way & 5way ball valves. We also design Fire safe ball valves for your safety. Aira Euro Automation is a leading ball valve supplier & exporter in Morocco. We offer ball valves with screwed and flanged end connections.
3 piece ball valve manufacturer


Body WCB / CF8 / CF8M / CF3M
Ball CF8 / CF8M / CF3M
Size ½” to 14”
Design 2 Piece, 3 Piece (Fire Safe Design Also Available)
Temp up to 180° C (Temperature Available as per Model)
Pressure Up to 10 BAR (Pressure Available as per Model
Media Air, Water, Gas and Oil.
End Conn. Screwed End / Socket Weld / Triclover / Flanged End Class 150#, 300#
  • We offer ball valves with PTFE, GFT, CFT, TFM, PEEK & Metal to Metal seals
  • MOC materials for valve bodies include WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M, Hast Alloy, and Duplex
  • Jacketed Ball Valve with replaceable seals
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Company Overview

Aira Euro Automation Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the prominent valve manufacturers in India for more than 30 years. The company has accreditation with ISO 9001 from BVQI-London. The Company goodwill is a remarkable market share in India and abroad by way of sizeable volume of Exports. More...


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