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Plug Valves


Aira Euro Automation is the leading High Quality Plug Valve Manufacturers in India. We have 70+ domestic offices as well as we export our valves in more than 20+ countries and have a large chain of satisfied customers around the world. We have a wide range of 2 way and 3 way plug valves which are pneumatic actuator operated, we also make it as per customer’s demand, and their needs.

Plug Valve Mechanism

Plug valves are generally Cone or Cylinder shaped, a rotating hollow plug inside the body of a valve to control the flow. The plug has one or more passageways to control the flow. There is a handle attached to the inside plug, to operate the valve either open or close need to rotate the handle quarterly so the inside plug rotates and flow passes from it.

Plug Valve Manufacturing & Quality

We use only High graded materials and have 100% in house production capacity hence, we can easily maintain the huge quantity with the best quality. We welcome TPI (Third Party Inspection) from our customers because we never compromise in quality, so we have developed a quality department to ensure the quality of our products. Each valve has been tested manually by our QC department before the shipping. We also follow international standard parameters in quality.

Plug Valve Applications

Plug valves are generally suitable for liquids like water, chemicals, oil as well as slurry materials and also for steam, gases, etc. Therefore this valve is very useful in chemical industries, oil refineries, water plants, gas pipelines, and many other factors.

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