Aira Valves in Textile Industry

May 16

As we all know that valves play a vital role in any industry. Industrial valve manufacturers like Aira Euro Automation, supply their products to many factories to control fluids and piping systems. In everyday life, we use many things manufactured in factories that rely on valves. For example toothpaste, packed drinks, clothes, etc.

I know you will question “Clothes.” Clothes or Garments made from fabric made in a textile factory. This Textile industries consume various types of valves. It is impossible to produce a lot of fabrics without valves. The textile industry uses more than seven types of valves in huge amounts including pneumatic actuated and manually operated valves. Let’s explore each one and try to figure out their importance.

There are various types of pipelines installed in a textile factory. They are Water Line, High-Pressure Steam Line, Low-Pressure Steam Line, Air Application, Boiler Application, Chemical Line, and Acid Line. As you know that where there is a pipeline, there is a valve. Here in the textile industry, there are seven types of pipelines and each pipeline differs from the other so every valve’s type will differ.

Water Line in Textile Industry

Water is consumed on a high scale throughout textile processing operations. Almost all dyes, finishing chemicals, and specialty chemicals are applied to textile substrates from water baths. In addition, most fabric preparation steps, including scouring, resizing, mercerizing, bleaching, and using aqueous systems. That’s why the water pipeline plays a key role in the textile industry. To control the water, mostly Ball valves and Butterfly Valves are used. Where the water is stored in huge vessels, the high-pressure valves take the place. High-Pressure Valves like Knife Edge Gate Valves, Globe Valves, and Check Valves are also used.

Steam Line in Textile Industry

The process to make fabric requires steam. Textile mills use boilers to produce steam, and plank slurry, and printing & dyeing mills use boilers to heat and dry textiles, processes carried out by hand. The role of boilers in the textile industry is very important. These boilers will be equipped with a safety valve to ensure protection from unwanted accidents and blasts. These boilers will be equipped with a safety valve to ensure protection from unwanted accidents and blasts. At this point, Aira’s IBR-approved safety valve comes into action. The POP-type safety valve pops up to release excessive pressure from the vessel and closes automatically to maintain the necessary pressure to run applications.

Chemical and Acid Lines

Chemicals and Acids are used in fabric dyeing. Generally Acetic Acid and Chlorobenzene travel in the pipeline. These corrosive fluids cause rust on valves and then the valve start leaking. To prevent damage, the PFA-lined and PTFE-lined valves are used. These lined valves provide protection against rust and corrosion. Aira Euro Automation offers lined Valves like  Lined Ball Valves and Lined Butterfly Valves.

Apart from these valves, Control Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Strainer, etc are used at various points. Aira Euro Automation provides all kinds of pneumatic actuated industrial valves as well as manually operated valves. We care about products like quality, price, and performance hence Our products care about users. Contact us to get the best quotation for your pipeline system.