How to Properly Install and Maintain Valves

May 18

Valves in an industrial fluid system are crucial for maintaining optimal flow levels and ensuring system efficiency, profitability, and safety. Regular maintenance and repair of valves are essential for maintaining plant operations. Valves are key in directing fluid in pipes, but many people need to pay attention to them, leading to issues such as shutting down, money loss, and decreased business relations. 

To avoid these problems, it is essential to maintain and repair valves as needed. Aira Euro Automation a leading Valve Manufacturer in India, offers leak sealing and maintenance services, and our team provides a comprehensive article outlining the process of maintaining and repairing, valves to ensure that they continue to function properly for many years. By understanding and addressing valve maintenance and repair, operators can prevent potential issues and ensure the smooth operation of their plant.

Proper Installation Leads to Better Maintenance:

There are several reasons why your industrial valves begin to break down, and one such reason is improper installation. Whether you do it yourself or choose professionals, your valve must be properly fitted to reduce the need for ongoing maintenance during its life cycle. A few things to consider when installing include:

Capabilities: Be aware of the system’s operating conditions and capabilities; never put a valve in a system where the temperature or pressure exceeds the valve ratings.

Fixed Location: Valves should be mounted to a secure and fixed location to provide adequate support and minimize the vibration of the valve component inside piping or tubing. 

Follow Instructions: Manufacturers provide precise instructions for a reason, and following them during installation is critical for properly fitting your valve and extending its life.

Check it works: Check it works: After installation, ensure that your valve is properly oriented and that there are no leaks, so that you can get your valve’s life started right.

Reduce Contaminants: By adding filters to your pipes’ fluid system, you eliminate any particles that may interfere with the correct operation of your valve, eliminating the need for maintenance or replacement. 

Regularly Assess your Valves: 

By regularly maintaining and inspecting your valves you can catch any issues before they become trouble or substantially damaging to your business. This is especially crucial for valves that are subjected to high stress, such as tremendous pressure, where they may be closely monitored.

The valve enclosure should be well-vented, with all nuts, bolts, and hardware firmly attached. Check for clogging by opening and closing the valve as often as you reasonably can any detected leaks should be reported and fixed immediately, whether this is clogging, or an issue with the valve bonnet.

Make Sure Valves are Properly Lubricated:

One of the most inexpensive yet often forgotten aspects of valve maintenance is ensuring that the valve’s components are properly oiled. This increases the lifespan of your valve by decreasing abrasion and allowing it to function properly. No matter what is passing through pipes or tubing, there is a possibility of material blocking the valve. Keeping it highly lubricated allows the debris to break loose and flush away naturally.

Furthermore, lubricating your valve ensures that all components work properly without sticking or stuttering, which can slow down the flow of the pipes and contribute to failures.

Know when to repair the valve:

When you notice a problem with your valve, it’s critical to make the necessary repairs before it worsens and becomes more expensive.

For example, one component may fail and require repair, which can be very inexpensive and simple to perform yet, if left alone, this damaged component may affect other regions of the valve, necessitating the replacement of the entire valve. Repairing and refurbishing your valve is a pretty simple operation, with little to no need for a shutdown if you seek professional assistance. Contact Aira Euro Automation now to learn more about valve supply and refurbishing!

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