The Management of airatext1111 is committed to quality and continual improvement in all areas of the organization by providing adequate infrastructure & resources at all level of the organization.

We will work as a team and with positive attitude. Every employee will maintain continual improvement of himself, his work process, quality management system & resources (Men, Machine, Equipment, Materials, Tools, Instrument, Methods and Software etc.). Doing this way, everyone will become efficient of individual, divisional and corporate objectives efficiently, effectively and thus all our stake holders will always be satisfied.

Each employee will fulfil internal customers and suppliers’ needs related to their work satisfactorily. They will also maintain warm relationship with each other. Such behaviour will keep the QMS Live & upgraded. Also that will help us in the improvement of quality of product customer satisfaction and strengthen the team work. Each and every employee will not allow quality to take second place behind cost or delivery schedule. All employees have the right to question their supervisor’s decision or action if they feel that quality is being compromised. Management allow him to do so and perform his duty. If required he is also allowed to draw the attention of M.D. in such cases. AEPL’s management is committed to the health and safety of employees in relation to the company’s business operations. We want to be preferred organization for all our stake holders (Person & Institute) by following the above policy.