All You Need to Know About Ball Valves

November 28

The Ball valve is not just for industrial tools or equipment but it is also used in many residential apartments and colonies. The ball valve plays the most important role in our modern life. Without ball valves, some factories like oil & gas, water, electric power, chemical, paper chemical, petrochemical, FMCG, and beverage makers could not survive. These valves are mostly used to regulate the flow within seconds with minimum leakage. So let’s take a look over how the ball valve rises.

3piece ball valve

As per the researchers, the first ball valve was patented in 1871. At that time they used only brass material for balls and seats. But the modern ball valve was invented in 1957 according to different sources and these modern valves are just for their name, in actual today’s ball valves are very advanced from them.

In the 20th century, the ball valve manufacturer decided to design a user-friendly and more convenient for industrial requirements. The William W Rawstron has the very first patented 3-way ball valve in November 1964 and that was just the beginning step towards the ball valve modernization. After that manufacturer introduced 4-way and 5 way ball valves. The ball valve manufacturer modified the inside rotating ball to various V port Angeles to fluctuate flow.

If we take an example of a worldwide famous industrial ball valve manufacturer company aira euro automation, they offer lots of varieties in Ball valves. As per the operation, they offer a manual hand lever operated, a manual gear operated, and a pneumatic actuator operated ball valve with various types of seat materials like PTFE, Carbon Steel, metal seated, and many others. And they are also ready to make any changes as per the user requirements.


As we check above the ball valves are handling in wide industrial areas for more than 100 years and engineers have made many changes to increase their performance. Here we can also accept that without modern ball valves the picture of industries may be far different or in worse conditions and not only industries but that also affect our lifestyle as well.