Knife Edge Gate Valve: How it Works & Where to Use?

November 28

What Is Knife Edge Gate Valve and how it works?

Knife Edge Gate Valve especially designed for the heavy slurry, abrasive, and highly viscous type of media. This type of valve fitted at the end of the pipe which allows and shuts off thick media easily and without any leakage due to its sharp Knife edge.

Knife Edge Gate Valve has been made by high quality metal sheet and specially designed with sharp edges, for easy cuts and stops the slurry media and heavy pulpy media flow to come out. The metal sheet moves up and down to open and close the flow, we operate the valve by pneumatic cylinder so performance is increased and as well as cost decreased.

Where to use? 

The knife edge gate valve mostly used in wastewater treatment plants, mining, chemical plants, Cement plants as well as many industrial plants to control heavy oils, Slurry materials, Non-flammable viscous fluids. The knife edge gate valve also uses in FMCG factories to control slurry media. This valve very useful to control viscous media in comparison to other valves. Viscous media may choke up the other valves to operate them But the knife edge gate valve has a sharp edge on its metal sheet and it moves up and down so viscous media cannot harm it. The knife edge gate valve has a simple mechanism, not any typical design so it is easy to use and low cost for our customers.

Quality & Performance

We have 100% in house production, we use high class graded material to manufacture valuable products because we never compromise in quality in any manner. We have a quality department and a team of engineers. Our product tested by our quality inspectors and goes through our quality criteria, our product passed through the QC department, after that, we deliver it to our customers.

We also welcome third party inspection for our products from our valuable customers. We focus on quality so our products perform their best in any condition and atmosphere and show their best results and we after all we get a happy customer with zero complaints. 

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