What Are the Various Types of Butterfly Valves

November 28

Butterfly Valves are expected to regulate or isolate the flow of a fluid.

Some of the most advanced and durable Pneumatic Rotary Actuator-operated Butterfly Valves have always been designed and manufactured by Aira Euro Automation.

Here are a few of those types:

  • Rubber-lined Wafer-Type Double Flange Butterfly Valve with Concentric Disc design and a replaceable liner is used in cooling towers, dams, water treatment, gas (main lines and service lines), gas storage tanks, power plants, and so on.
  • Wafer-type Damper Valves and Double Flange Fabricated Damper Valves from Aira Euro Automation are quickly-actuated, lightweight, with a simple drive. They are used for flue-gas scrubbers, as isolating dampers.
  • FEP/PFA-lined Valve is another type of butterfly valve that Aira Euro Automation manufactures to cater to applications that involve chlorine, sulphuric acid and nitric acid, benzene, hydrochloric acid and seawater, and so on. FEP & PFA butterfly Valves are highly corrosive environments, under which these valves are able to provide superior corrosion-resistant, as well as resist absorption and swelling.
  • Double Eccentric Offset Wafer-type Butterfly Valves from Aira Euro Automation are resilient, with long service life, as it doesn’t let the media come in contact with the bearing. These are designed to be anti-corrosive and water-resistant and come with an infiltration-proof seat with weld overlay. They find application in areas that have to do with flow-control operations, such as dams, pre-treated wastewater, and power plant management.
  • Wafer type Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves are high-performing complete metal to metal-seated valves from the exhaustive collection of Aira Euro Automation. The most important features of these valves are zero leakage, bi-directional flow control, low fugitive emissions. These are extremely suitable for cryogenic and steam-based applications. The triple-offset sealing system is the reason behind the friction-free movement of the disc.
  • Aira Euro’s unique Pharmaceutical-grade Butterfly Valves are ultra-sanitary, to the day the least. The purpose of these valves is the control of dry bulk materials. Used in food, fine chemical, cosmetic, biotech, and of course, pharma industries, these easy-maintenance valves come with a mirror finish and a design that is sleek and ensures a maximized flow.
  • For the difficult production environments, even the downright hostile ones, Aira Euro Automation offers TC END Butterfly Valves. Designed and manufactured to give a reliable and robust performance, every single time, these valves come with a 4-Position handle to give multiple flow options. They have integrated actuator mounting holes, specially designed for these valves, that ensure high-precision aligning of optional actuators.
  • A lightweight Die-Cast Wafer-type valve made from aluminium finds applications with Nitrile/EPDM (soft-seating) requirements. HVAC plumbing, water treatment plants, fire fighting, and such other operations make use of these valves.

Aira Euro Automation is Butterfly Valve Manufacturer with widespread applications and high acclaim with all its clients, no matter which industry vertical.