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Ball Valve


Aira Euro Automation is one of the prominent ball valve manufacturers and exporters of the most advanced easy-to-integrate industrial Pneumatic Actuator Ball Valves in India and in more than 30 countries across the world. Our Actuated Ball Valves are used for Oxygen Applications. Our corrosion-resistant ball valves have been designed by a team of expert engineers with years of experience in the field. These valves can easily tolerate heavy loads, and therefore, they have applications in various fields including Pharma, Refining, Nuclear, Petrochemicals, and other industry verticals.

Ball Valve Manufacturer

Our products are manufactured using only high-quality graded materials, resulting in outstanding levels of customer satisfaction. We have established ourselves as one of the most preferred suppliers of ball valve systems because of our quality and we promise to manufacture all valves exactly as their requirements & demands.

Out Testing Mechanism for Ball Valve

While most manufacturers test their products on a partial base, we at Aira Euro Automation pledge to test our products on a 100% scale giving full surety of its error-proof working and design. We have approvals for the ball valve from API 6D & PED.  We also always accept third party inspection (TPI) from customers for their satisfaction and until the product does not fulfill all criteria, we do not deliver it to our customers.

About Ball Valves

The earliest design was more of a metal-seated valve with brass balls and seats patented by John Warren. With time, this ball valve, then known as the spherical plug valve, was started to be used in military aircraft fuel systems and then followed by other industrial applications. The most important breakthroughs came when Teflon was developed and its subsequent use was as the ball valve material. They made a roar in the industry as they were highly flexible and could create a positive seal in two directions. After that ball valves have evolved in a number of ways in terms of their material compatibilities and their wide range of applications.

Types of Ball Valves

Ball valves are primarily divided into two categories based on their design which further has various sub-categories based on their qualities and applications. The major two categories are (I) Trunnion Ball Valves (II) Floating Ball Valves/Float Ball Valves The other classification is based on whether they are (i) Motorized ball valves (ii) Actuated ball valves or (iii) Manual ball valves.

Ball Valve Applications

Mainly ball valves are used to regulate the flow of a fluid. As they are available either as manually operated or with a motorized control, they can be used as an application in a variety of settings. But mostly they are used for on-off services in pipes containing suspended solids, slurries, liquids, or gases. Other applications that commonly employ ball valves are the tubing systems and industries that transport fluids such as mining, oil, and gas, agriculture, water, construction, etc.

Ball Valves Safety Features

Anti-static Feature: to protect against any potential fire that could be caused by the building of static electricity as the ball keeps rubbing against the PTFE seats, especially in the presence of flammable fluids.

On-request Fire-safe Feature: to make the design yet safer, one can have us add secondary metal seats resulting in the sublimating of the primary soft seats in case of a fire, therefore, attaining metal-to-metal contact in such a case

Types of Ball Valves Which We Have

We aira euro automation offer various designed ball valves. To fulfill your all industrial needs we have 2 piece design ball valve, 3 piece design ball valve, and a Jacketed design in 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, and 5 way ball valves with screwed and flanged end connections.

Aira Euro’s Ball Valve Features

  • Aira Euro’s floating ball valves are designed in accordance with API 6D & ISO 17292 for ANSI Class rating 150 to 600, Nominal Size available from ½” to 12” inches. 
  • We designed the ball valves to use with various material combinations like Carbon Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Special Alloy, Stainless Steel, Monel, Inconel.
  • Our ball valves come with a ‘Blow-Out proof Stem’. A bottom entry system, with a backseat, assures even higher integrity of sealing at higher pressures. 
  • Aira offers mirror finished balls with drilled holes. That is a sign of high quality surface finish is achieved on the ball to increase the life of the seals and hence the valve.
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