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2 Way High Pressure Ball Valve

Best 2 Way High Pressure Ball Valve Manufacturer


3 Piece Design Ball Valve
Forged Carbon / S.S. 304 / S.S. 316
1/4” to 1”
S.S. 304 / S.S. 316
-20 °C to 150 °C
Up to 500 Bar
"O" Ring
NBR / EPDM / Viton / Peek
End Connection
Screwed End to BSP/NPT


A lot of industries use and store liquid materials in huge quantities. When these industries discharge liquid containers, the flow of the liquid forceful enough to cause damage to the pipelines. In order to prevent these accidents, engineers install High Pressure Ball Valves which in turn helps in controlling the high liquid flow.

Being well aware of this condition, Aira Euro has designed a High Pressure Ball Valve that can sustain pressure up to 500 Bar.

How to use a High Pressure Ball valve?

Each valve is designed for a unique intent and has a dedicated position in the process line. High-Pressure Ball valves are designed to prevent damages from happening in the pipelines and hence they are installed in between the container and the starting point of the pipeline.

Where to use a High Pressure Ball valve?

High Pressure ball valves are generally used in places where the fluid outcome pressure is high such as in water distribution plants, water parks, chemical industries, etc. Their sectors are the ones that store fluid in huge quantities and use them as per their requirements.

The Best Quality High Pressure Ball Valve Manufacturers

Any ball valve that works under 3000 PSI pressure can be considered as a High Pressure Ball Valve. Its maximum capacity is 7500 i.e. 500 Bar. Aira Euro Automation manufactures these types of ball valves which are 1/4” to 1” in size and can easily work under -20°C to 150°C temperature.

High Pressure Ball Valve is a three-piece designed valve and it uses Forged Carbon / S.S 304 / S.S 316 casting material for its Body and S.S 316 for the ball.

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