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Electro Pneumatic Valve Positioner

Electro Pneumatic Valve Positioner


AEP-1000-L / AEP-1000-R
Input Signal
4~20 mA DC
Supply Air Pressure
20~100 psi Max. (7.0 kgf/cm²)
Standard Stroke
Air Piping Connection
1/4” NPT
Ambient Temperature
-20° to 70° C
Explosion Proof Classification
Exia II BT6,Exdm II CT6
Degree of Protection
IP 66
Out Put Characteristics
Linear / Rotary
Aluminium Die Cast Body
Conduit Connection
1/2” NPT


We Aira Euro Automation is a prominent industrial valve manufacturer, exporter and supplier based in India. Along with various kinds of valves, we also manufacture electro pneumatic valve positioners. These positioners are helpful in adjusting the valve on its desired set point.

The AEP-1000-L / AEP-1000-R model electro pneumatic positioner requires a 4~20mA DC Input Signal and 20~100 psi Maximum Supply Air Pressure. It has a 10~80mm Standard Stroke and ¼” NPT Air piping connection with IP 66 Degree of protection. The ambient temperature of the pneumatic positioner is from -20°C to 70°C available for Linear or rotary motion. We made it from Aluminium Die Cast body material, available with ½” NPT Conduit Connection.

How to Use a Pneumatic Positioner?

The valve positioner is fitted next to the valve on the working line. When it requires an opening of the valve for some amount or angle, the operator sends signals to the valve positioner according to the requirement and then the valve positioner translates that signal into the required valve position and allows the pneumatic air of the valve actuator to move the valve to its directed position.

What is the use of the Electro Pneumatic Valve Positioner?

The valve positioner determines the valve’s action. When the positioner receives electronic signals to open or close the valve, either fully or partially, the positioner performs that action with the help of pneumatic air. These electronic signals may vary as per the situation.

Quality and Testing of Electro Pneumatic Positioner

From the last 3 decades, Aira Euro Automation has constantly served the valve industry with modern technologies and the safest industrial products. We have a separate quality department where we always test and check each product before the delivery.

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