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The Purpose of Pressure Reducing Valve

November 28

A Pressure Reducing Valve helps with that vital job which can stop machine damage along with providing cost-effective as far as system operation is concerned. A Pressure Reducing Valve regulates lower pressures in limbs of hydraulic systems. The system relief valve or any other pressure-setting device decides upstream main system pressure.

purpose of pressure reducing valve

As against Pressure Relief Valves which influence the level of input pressure (i.e. pump pressure) fed into the hydraulic system Pressure Reducing Valves are installed to effect upon the output pressure of the hydraulic system to a subsystem (e.g. actuator pressure).

Lessing the input pressure i.e., primary pressure or retaining a specific output pressure i.e., secondary pressure is accomplished at a pre-decided value which is below the changing pressure arising in the main hydraulic circuit. In this way, it is feasible to reduce the pressure in one part of the circuit to a lower level than the system pressure.

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