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CF8 / CF8M
1/2" to 4"
CF8 / CF8M
80 °C (For Water), 180 °C (For Steam)
Max Inlet Pressure
21 BAR (High Pressure on Request)
Pressure Adjusting Range
1 ~ 6 BAR , 4 ~ 10 BAR , 8 ~ 13 BAR , 12 ~ 20 BAR
End Connection
Screwed End / Flanged End 150 Class

Aira Euro Automation has Broad Experience in Manufacturing of Pressure Reducing Valves also known as PRV Valves in Valve Industry. We make Pressure Reducing Valve for Different Media like Water, Steam, Air, Oil, Gas and Chemicals.

  • Materials: Invest Cast Stainless Steel Materials
  • Pressure Setting and Flow Rate of Direct – Activated Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Direct – Activated Pressure Reducing Valve Directly Opens and Close Valve gate by the outlet Pressure.
  • When outlet pressure is under setting pressure, Valve gate automatically opens, to make valve gate fully open, Adjustable pressure range and setting pressure are relative points.

A: Pressure drop needed for fully-opened valve gate=B/4, b=Adjustable Pressure Range Maximum.

B: Adjustable Pressure Range (=Maximum Adjustable Pressure Range)

C: Setting Pressure of Outlet

P: Pressure of fully-opened outlet valve gate, P=C-A

Available Different Models for Air, Water, Oil, Gas, Steam & Chemical

LP – Low Pressure Range: 10-35 PSI

HP – High Pressure Range: Max. Inlet 40 Kg/cm²
Outlet 12~25 Kg/cm²
20~35 Kg/ cm²

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